Luigi Auriemma


17 Jun 2018 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.9.0
fix bms parsing from buffer, backslash escape with quotes at end of bms line, c_structs fix, extracted/reimported files statistics separated from log operations (append mode), filecrypt disabled during log, String VAR S empties all arguments before setting them, String n (byte2num) N (num2bytes) and U (base64) operators, RNG available in encryption, call/startfunction can set caller arguments with new values, added variable6 and variable7 types, improvement of encryption increment, various updated/improved/new/fixed compressions, increased buffer for selected files, IPC interface with -W option (web/namedpipe/mailslot), type ? when selecting bms script to load the clipboard content, -f #NUM for extracting only the file number NUM, improved xml_json_parser, fast SortArray, special files myfseek, namecrc fix, quickzip fix, Open filenum 0 redirect mode, improvements for Open command now with FDDE2 and FDSE2, -0 works in reimport mode too, ucl/lzo/bzip2 are no longer external, clog with zero-bytes uncompressed files

17 Jun 2018 MyToolz: mydownlib 0.3.4a (and mydown)
SSL fix

09 Mar 2018 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.8.4
fix and warnings for reimport2 with sequential offset, nvache compression, fix for putvarchr using strings, cipherfinal support for openssl algorithms, BCryptDecrypt encryption, backtrace.c 64bit compatibility, fix for fdnum indexing in file.c, fix for slog in reimport mode with encryption filecrypt, append mode visualization symbol, comtype explode in reimport mode, now reimport2 clears the original space if new file is bigger, fix for qfs compression, base64 small fix, swprintf gcc 7, fix for String VAR t VAR, lz77wii in reimport mode and level5_compress, comtype html/xml/json

21 Jan 2018 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.8.3
math rol/ror for 8/16 bits, few file number assignment fixes in cmd.c, prs_8ing_compress, now file numbers can be variables too, fixed bug introduced in 0.8.2 in OpenSSL rc4 (probably still affecting openssl 1.1), better visualization of -B with small files, automatic filename if Slog uses empty name, fix for mydownlib with openssl 1.1, the invalid Idstring VAR FILENUM is no longer supported

08 Jan 2018 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.8.2a
micro bugfix for putvarchr in 0.8.2

07 Jan 2018 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.8.2
new alternative reimport mode activated with -r -r, other options available in quickbmsver, String v operator acting like CSV, some new compression algorithms, small fix for putvarchr used with variables, Encryption flip for reversing bits, fix for OpenSSL 1.1, new -B option for dumping the unparsed data of the input files, small fix for some coverage statistics, fixed bug in reimport mode with renamed duplicate files, the -. option now allows to reimport data in some header/data builder scripts, comtype copy no longer allocates the full size of the file in memory, experimental support for http:// and https:// input files, important fix for selecting specific files in GUI mode, -J option for forcing all the constant strings as Java/C escaped strings, better support for RIFF files when guessing extensions, xmath supporting also 'char'/time/octal/binary

07 Jan 2018 MyToolz: mydownlib 0.3.4 (and mydown)
fix for zlib compression, experimental keep-alive support for ssl, small typo bugfix, fix for overwriting existent files. probably the last version with the mydown_http2file prototype

07 Jan 2018 Research: FSB files extractor 0.3.8a
small improvement for the scanning feature enabled with -o -1

07 Jan 2018 MyToolz: x86 32bit calling conventions 0.2.2a

07 Jan 2018 Research: EA Madden decompression 0.1

01 Nov 2017 Research: Telltale TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder 0.3.1a

31 Oct 2017 Research: Telltale TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder 0.3.1
added support for the old format plus encryption used in the Bone 2.0 games

13 Oct 2017 Patches: XPDF pdftotext/pdftops/pdfimages allow copying of text (Win32) 0.1.3
added support for xpdf tools 4.00

29 Sep 2017 Research: ZenStudio PXP decompression functions 0.2

25 Sep 2017 Research: Unigine ung files extractor 0.3
added support for the ar04 archives used in Superposition

09 Sep 2017 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.8.1
better Makefile compatible with MacOSX (thanks Misty De Meo), Endian Set CURRENT_ENDIAN, PutVarChr VAR 0 &VAR Long for storing VAR or MEMORY_FILE address to use with external DLLs, fixed a bug in FindLoc, improved incremental_fread, new compression algorithms and updates, fixed bug with CallDLL and arbitrary offsets, CallDLL imagebase and address features, fixed small bug in RNC compression introduced in 0.8.0, some fixes in ntcompress and lz77wii, now all the lzrw* algorithms don't check the useless 32bit flag field, xmemcompress working on Linux too, -N option for using decimal sequential names like 0.dat instead of 00000000.dat, -e option to ignore compression errors (debug), fixed rare bug with output filenames in append mode, fixed bug with custom lzss_compress EJ parameter, fixed yappy_compress, fixed bug with -9, added tga and uasset in sign_ext.c, improved compatibility with gcc 7, added json formatter in String, fixed an important bug in unicode strings introduced in 0.8.0, fixed NULL pointer in some VAR[i], String X parameter for experimental parsing of XML and JSON strings, OpenSSL 1.1 compatibility

12 Aug 2017 Research: Telltale TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder 0.3
added the keys of 3 games and a small fix for few archives of old games (MI5 for Wii)

13 Jun 2017 Fake_players_bug: SA:MP invisible Fake Players DoS 0.1.12
added support for 0.3.7-R2

14 May 2017 Patches: Interstate '76 GE cdfix/nocd, software resolution, memory fix 0.1.1
added the fix for the "Sorry, there is not enough memory to continue" error

07 May 2017 Research: FSB files extractor 0.3.8
zero channels and GET_FSB5_OFFSET fix

29 Apr 2017 Research: FSB files extractor 0.3.7
fix for the handling of offsets in big FSB5 archives

20 Mar 2017 Research: FSB files extractor 0.3.6
added support for type 8 rarely used for nameless files

12 Mar 2017 QuickBMS: QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.8.0
Break and Continue instructions fixed and available, experimental Label instruction (use Break/Continue to go to that label), embedded C compiler to be used with CallDLL and the tcc calling convention, C compiler available also with the tcc variable type, updated compression algorithms and added few new ones, fixed a bug with gussed names with -d/D and TEMPORARY_FILE, fix for encryption mode of rotate, better handling of the rnc compression, fixed bug in xchdir, bug in utf8_to_utf16_chr, fixed a problem with if statements having more than 2 conditions, the user will be asked only once to confirm the loading of external dll, -P option to set the default codepage, restored compatibility with Win98, correct filenames output for non-ansi names, -T option for not deleting the TEMPORARY_FILE

12 Mar 2017 MyToolz: Mini Winamp input plugins player/converter 0.1.3
fixed RIFF size in output header and full path of the output file

19 Jan 2017 Research: Race WTCC files encrypter/decrypter 0.3.5
added the key for the PLR files of Raceroom, -k raceroom_plr

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